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Irish Canadian Famine Research

Month: January, 2014

Father Patrick Dowd Portrait

This portrait is on the front cover of the Fr. Patrick Dowd: 24 November 1813-24 November 2013 Bi-Centenary Booklet. The portrait is kept in Cappogue, County Louth, where Father Dowd’s brothers John and Nicholas resided.

The Death of Father Patrick Morgan

Father Patrick Morgan, a cousin of Father Patrick Dowd, perished in the fever sheds of Montreal while caring for typhus stricken Irish famine emigrants on the 8th of July, 1847.  His death is recorded in the annals of the Grey Nuns as follows:

The following day, the 8th, we learned that M. Patrick MORGAN died at the
Hotel-Dieu, at thirty-two years old. He was one of the first to exercise his holy
ministry at the SHEDS. His charity and his zeal were remarkable. We often saw him
lying on the floor between two moribund patients to hear their confessions. (p. 36)

Father Dowd Family Chalice

This Chalice, dated 1724, is made of Irish silver and gold lining.
It is inscribed by Guilielmus (= William) O’Reilly Drogheda.
The Chalice was used by a number of priests in the family, including
Fr Patrick Dowd’s Grand Uncle Fr Dowd
Fr Patrick Dowd’s cousin Fr Patrick Morgan 1815 – 1847
Fr Patrick Dowd 1813 – 1891
It was also used in the commemorative mass for Father Patrick Dowd’s Bicentennary on 24 November 2013.