Michael Collins visits Famine Irish historical sites associated with Grey Nuns and views paintings inspired by their annals

by irishcanadianfamineresearcher

From Fergus Keyes:

Here are some more pictures of Michael Collins in Montreal yesterday. After visiting the Vernissage, Michael met up with Donovan King who in addition to being a Director of our group, also gives tours of Haunted Montreal. So Michael got so see more of Montreal at night….

Michael Collins Grey Nuns 1

Michael Collins Grey Nuns 3.jpgMichael Collins Grey Nuns 2.jpg

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Michael Collins Grey Nuns 7

Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours Church at night, in which Theophile Hamel’s painting Le Typhus (1847-48) can be viewed:

Michael Collins Grey Nuns 9.jpg

Michael Collins Grey Nuns 10

Michael Collins Grey Nuns 11

theophile-hamel-le-typhus 2Fergus Keyes: Michael Collins attended a Vernissage by a group of lady painters in Point St. Charles who call themselves, the Group of Sven.

Our group, The Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation asked these ladies if they could paint their ideas of the Black Rock & the events of 1847.

Then we asked one of the group, Karen Birdgenaw, if she could take some specific stories about the event of Black 47 and translate these stories into paintings (which we plan to include in our Grey Nun’s Exhibition: “Saving the Famine Irish: The Grey Nuns and the Great Hunger”):

Grey Nuns Painting 3

Grey Nuns Painting 1

Grey Nuns Painting 2.jpg

The original Grey Nuns’ accounts of the Famine Irish can be found at:


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