Letter: Sprucing up the Black Rock site would attract tourists

by irishcanadianfamineresearcher

Black Stone Wreath

A wreath sits at the base of the black rock in Point-Saint-Charles, Montreal, Sunday, May 31, 2009, after a ceremony to commemorate the Irish immigrants who died of typhus in Montreal after fleeing the potato famine in 1847.

Photograph by: Graham Hughes , THE GAZETTE

Re: “An Irish memorial park at Black Rock” (Your Views, July 3)

Jason King of Dublin gives a welcoming support for a memorial park around the Black Rock. The memorial remembers famine victims, the Montrealers such as the then mayor who died caring for the sick and the several hundred thousand who passed through our city during the Famine years.

This is the oldest memorial to the Famine victims and is of great interest to the millions of Canadians and Americans descended from those who survived. In many ways it is an important historical site, which thousands would visit if it were accessible. We need to attract tourists, and since our biggest market is south of the border, it would be money well spent to spruce up that area in a respectful way.

Leo Delaney, Chairman,

Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation