Mountjoy Theatre Project Celtic Cross

by irishcanadianfamineresearcher

Mountjoy Theatre Project Celtic Cross

Cast members of Mountjoy Theatre Project’s production of “Flight to Grosse Ile” hand carved a Celtic Cross which is one of the key motifs in the play. It was presented to Marianna O’Gallagher, whose book Grosse Ile: Gateway to Canada, 1832-1937 (1984) was the primary source for Jim Minogue’s play. Marianna O’Gallagher’s grandfather Jeremiah designed the Celtic Cross that was unveiled on Grosse Ile in Quebec in 1909. She attended the Mountjoy Theatre Project production of “Flight to Grosse Ile” in 1999. In 2009, the Celtic Cross that was carved for her by the cast and prison inmates was displayed as part of the “Being Irish O Quebec” exhibit at Montreal’s McCord Museum.